BGM Emotional

178 Bollywood

Yaraane – Gur Sidhu

184 Bollywood

Bachpan Ka Pyaar

163 Bollywood

Atif Tu Jaane Remix

193 Bollywood

Choti Choti Gaya

176 Bollywood

Abdallah Dear

190 Bollywood

Dil Ko Karaar Aaya

180 Bollywood

Tenchu Z

160 Bollywood

Malang Chal Ghar Chalen

172 Bollywood

Bulave Tujhe Yaar

171 Bollywood

Jitni Dafa Flute

194 Bollywood

Ishare Tere Karti Nigah

167 Bollywood


The history of Bollywood music

One of the most well-known genres of music in the world right now is Hindi cinema music, sometimes known as “Bollywood music.”

Up to 2,000 movies are made in India each year, which is more than twice as many as in Hollywood. India’s Mumbai (previously Bombay) is home to the Hindi-language film industry known as Bollywood.

Hindi cinema song-and-dance numbers serve as the basis for Bollywood music. Bollywood songs and dances are a frequent motif in Hindi movies because of their long cultural significance and widespread appeal.

Bollywood songs have been famous in part because of the composers’ openness to incorporating and drawing inspiration from other musical genres, such as Western pop, jazz, rock, and classical music. These songs are often written in Hindi, but frequently the vocabulary and language use veer from that of conventional Hindi and can even contain compositions in other Hindi dialects along with the use of Urdu, Persian, and English terms.

What is special about Bollywood music?

The word “Bollywood music” is used to apply to all Indian music, however it actually only applies to Hindi music composed for Bollywood films. As a result, the songs frequently express many feelings, such as love, separation, pleasure and celebration, anger/disappointment, etc., and are written for certain circumstances within the tale. Indian classical music, whose progressions are grouped according to emotions and known as Ragas or Raags, is where Indian cinema music’s roots may first be found. This aided in the conception of songs for particular circumstances. Particularly in the past, when ladies (and men) were unable to express their love in words, they sung about it covertly while hiding among trees (this explains why non-Indians frequently link Hindi cinema with dancing and rushing about trees).

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