Tik Tok

Touch It TikTok

2 Tik Tok

Big Boys – SZA

2 Tik Tok

Heathens Remix Tiktok

16 Tik Tok

Oh No Oh No Oh No No No Tiktok

21 Tik Tok

Astronomia Remix

28 Tik Tok

I Love You – Kevin Rater

47 Tik Tok

Tiktok music

45 Tik Tok


51 Tik Tok

Symphony TikTok Remix

30 Tik Tok

Run – Awolnation

33 Tik Tok

DJ Boka Dance Tiktok

58 Tik Tok

Button Soundtrack TikTok

40 Tik Tok

My Money Dont Jiggle TikTok

72 Tik Tok

My Head Spinning Tiktok

46 Tik Tok

Hotel Room Slowed TikTok Viral

40 Tik Tok

Frozen TikTok soundtrack

43 Tik Tok

Follow You TikTok

45 Tik Tok

Solo TikTok

63 Tik Tok

Cash Cash TikTok

60 Tik Tok

Baby Rap Tiktok

77 Tik Tok

Laxed Tiktok

91 Tik Tok

Sa Mau Ko Ko Mau Dia Remix Tiktok

74 Tik Tok

Shuffle Dance Original Mix

107 Tik Tok

Soytiet One Two Three Tiktok

70 Tik Tok

Na Na Bum Chit Remix Tiktok

89 Tik Tok

Titi Kamal Tik tok

102 Tik Tok

Harehare Ya

218 Tik Tok

Ye Lang Disco – Tiktok

132 Tik Tok

Da Da Da – Jarico Remix

185 Tik Tok

Funny Tik Tok Douyin

204 Funny

Chùchù Wěn

170 Tik Tok

Uchiha Tiktok

154 Tik Tok

Hinata Tiktok Remix

178 Tik Tok


199 Tik Tok

Talking To The Moon – TikTok Remix

213 Tik Tok

Tell Me – Hot Tiktok Song

186 Korean

Attack On Titan – Levi (Remix)

204 Tik Tok

I Will Die Without U

192 Tik Tok

Horang Suwolga – Tik tok

215 Tik Tok

Cup Of Coffee – Tik Tok

204 Tik Tok


Songs that are popular on Tik Tok have already had a significant impact on the music business, rising to the top of the Billboard charts.

By this point, we’ve all heard about TikTok and maybe know a few success stories of songs that have found popularity there. Songs like Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” became popular on Tik Tok. The song has been streamed hundreds of millions of times on Spotify, making the artist an instant hit. Tik Tok, according to Lil Nas X, “Tik Tok helped me change my life… [Tik Tok] brought my song to several different audiences at once” .

What Is Tik Tok?

2014 saw the creation of Tik Tok, which at the time went by the name Musical.ly. It combined in 2017 to form Tik Tok. The platform now consists of a mixture of musical performances, lip-synching films, and short movies. Almost all of the videos incorporate music, which may be utilized for a variety of purposes, from comedic to dramatic.

TikTok Music Library

You may legally use any of the music on Tik Tok in your clips. To obtain music licensing for the app, Tik Tok has agreements in place with distributors and labels. Artists then get royalties from the site for using their songs. Along with streaming services like Spotify, distributors like Distrokid, CD Baby, and TuneCore permit artists to post their music to TikTok. You may also post your own sounds (music, speech, etc.) for use by others.

Therefore, it is believed that Tik Tok song is a song that became popular due to its use on the app Tik Tok.

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  •         First, you need to tap on Tik Tok Ringtones and check how they sound. (Tip: You should listen to 10 or more songs to choose the one you like best easily)
  •         Click on the Download symbol in the left corner of the track to start Downloading Ringtone to your handset.
  •         Wait until the phone’s finished downloading then you just need to set them up as Ringtone, SMS, Alarm tone, Notification…

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