25 Comedy

The Entertainer – Scott Joplin

41 Comedy

Baby Shark Remix

76 Comedy

Strum Sound Effect Acapella

73 Comedy

Cute Korean WhatsApp

81 Comedy

Giggle Text Tone

80 Comedy

Mi Pan Su Su Sum

211 Comedy

Answer Me

196 Comedy

Anime Song 9

180 Comedy


How Was The Comedy Music Created?

For generations, comedians have utilized their craft to express themselves creatively. Communities have been able to bond over a variety of topics and bring individuals from varied backgrounds together because to humour.

Comedy and music were initially combined throughout the first century of ancient Greece and Rome. The drawings would show performers disguised as horses and satyrs and were recorded on earthenware from the sixth century. Dancers would also be represented wearing absurdist avant-garde apparel.

Puns and humorous wordplay were used by poets and playwrights to amuse audiences and listeners.

As a kind of distinctive acting, comedic playwrights like Menander and Aristophanes attacked politicians and philosophers.

Throughout the Medieval Period, humor relief was also common. In the past, the Medieval and Renaissance ages were when the court jester was invented.

How Does Comedy Music Become?

Over the years, development in the comic music industry kept growing! Musician Spike Jones gave early 20th-century music a comic perspective in the 1940s by heavily using hilarious sound effects into his compositions.

The distinctive musical style was not just favored by older people. Comedy music has always been a major element of children’s entertainment.

My favorite animated shows growing up included SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon and Disney films like Emperor’s New Groove.

The genre gained a lot of popularity through children’s television and movies.

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Musical comedy, which should not be confused with the type of musical comedies that were prevalent on Broadway, is music that is intended to be humorous. The songs, instruments, and arrangements were all written with the goal of making listeners laugh uncontrollably. Spike Jones is the poster child for this genre; he made his career out of playing such outrageous, bizarre songs. Visit RingtoneCC to keep up with the latest if you want to find more and more funny ringtones.