Levitating- Dua Lipa

16 Electronic

Titanium – David Guetta

38 Electronic

Tears In The Club – FKA Twigs

47 Electronic

Take Yourself Home – Troye Sivan

44 Electronic

Running Up That Hill – Boris Way

74 Electronic

Hace Calor Remix

57 Electronic

Llove V3 – Kaskade & Lipless

175 Electronic

Tears In The Club – FKA twigs Feat – The Weeknd

235 Electronic

Keyboard Spectator

230 Electronic

Gangsta Beat 88

171 Electronic

Extreme Bass Tone

194 Electronic


Introduction about Electronic music

Electronic music is a type of music that is made and produced utilizing electronic and electromechanical musical instruments, different digital instruments, or so-called circuitry-based music technology. Theremins, synthesizers, and electronic oscillators are examples of electronic musical instruments, while Hammond organs, electronic pianos, and electronic guitars are examples of electromechanic equipment.

In general, a very wide range of sound sources, from simple electrical oscillators to very intricate computer systems and software, to microprocessors, may be used to create electronic music. These sounds are composed, edited, and recorded on tape before being converted into a permanent format that is played back and replayed by employing loudspeakers, either alone or in conjunction with regular musical instruments.

One of the widest subgenres of music in the modern age, electronic music includes anything from disco to dubstep. Most nations in the globe like listening to this genre of music. Numerous musical genres are represented in electronic music. It has been there for more than 50 years, from Moroder’s driving hymn through the progressive rock age of Moog. The production and caliber of music heard today have changed as a result of electronic music. Electronic music, as opposed to conventional music, provides for freedom and creativity in the music composition and play, including vocal alteration and background rhythms.

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