Iphone 11 Pro Max White Iverson

3 iPhone

Mobile Call – I Phone Remix

17 iPhone

Lingkaran Iphone

16 iPhone

Iphone 14 Full Remix

19 iPhone

Iphone Quiet Ring

20 iPhone


38 iPhone

Perfect Strangers Marimba

39 iPhone

Old Town Road Marimba

42 iPhone

Mi Mix Alpha

29 iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S3 High Tide

31 iPhone

iPhone 14 Pretty Savage Marimba

38 iPhone

Waltz In D Flat Major – Chopin

30 iPhone

iPhone 14 – Sweet Dreams

32 iPhone

iPhone Marimba Low Key

35 iPhone

Old Phone Ring

83 iPhone

iPhone 12 Pro Max – Xtream Tone

35 iPhone

iPhone 11 Pro Max – Without Me

32 iPhone

iPhone 11 Pro Max – PiedPiper

38 iPhone

Hola Hola Marimba

45 iPhone

Deadpool iPhone

49 iPhone

iPhone 11 Pro Max – Bipolar

53 iPhone

Bella Ciao Marimba

34 iPhone

Apple LoFi Marimba

34 iPhone

IPhone 13 Remix Tiktok

34 iPhone

iPhone 13 Crystals

34 iPhone

iPhone 12 Sci-Fi

35 iPhone

iPhone 12 Digital

28 iPhone

iPhone 13 Marimba Tiktok

62 iPhone

Dynamite Marimba

61 iPhone

iPhone 13 Trap Remix

57 iPhone

Savage Love Marimba Remix

64 iPhone

Next Level Marimba

70 iPhone

New iPhone 12 Pro

96 iPhone

Not Today Marimba Remix

91 iPhone

Nananana Fake Capo Tiktok

78 iPhone

iPhone 13 Pro Max Blaze

115 iPhone

iPhone Trap Remix Bass Boosted

92 iPhone

iPhone 14 Pro Max Remix

147 iPhone

iPhone 13 – LALISA

113 iPhone

iPhone 12 – Super Idol (Marimba)

126 iPhone

iPhone 14 – Paint the Town

120 iPhone

iPhone 13 – Marimbas In Paris

127 iPhone

iPhone 14 – Plevne Marsi

110 iPhone

iPhone 13 – Rush Hour

130 iPhone

Iphone Sonar Msg

121 iPhone

iPhone 13 Pro Max – Fancy Like

160 iPhone

iPhone 13 – Calma

167 iPhone

iPhone 13 Pro – Lenta

148 iPhone

iPhone 13 Pro Max – Industry Baby

204 iPhone

iPhone 13 – Fast Car

171 iPhone


All the elements necessary to produce a unique and practical ringtone are present in the marimba. It has a variety of harmonic and inharmonic overtones and is tonally rich. Even when it is layered in a noisy environment, the sound is distinctive enough for the human brain to easily spot it.

The Marimba As An iPhone Default Ringtone

The marimba includes every element necessary to produce a unique and practical ringtone. It has a variety of harmonic and inharmonic overtones and is tonally rich. Even when it is layered in a noisy environment, the sound is distinctive enough for the human brain to quickly determine it.

The marimba ringtone reflected Steve Jobs’ varied aesthetic and hinted at cultural sophistication. Additionally, it disarmingly displayed the iPhone’s unexpectedly powerful and high-quality sound system.

It is evident that there was great internal discussion regarding the default ringtone before the first iPhone was ever released, but all indications appear to imply Steve made the decision to choose the 18-note marimba ringtone in the end.

Even while there are many options available today, the majority of iPhone users choose marimba and strum as their default ringtones, even if in some circles, these choices are met with a critical squint.

Love it or hate it, the marimba ringtone is difficult to get rid of since the audio file resides inside the SpringBoard.app program at /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/ring.m4r, not in the Library/Ringtones folder. The marimba ringtone will therefore remain on the iPhone for a while, at least for the majority of us.

In addition, there are a ton of remixed soundtracks available as marimba tones for your phone. All of them are available on RingtoneCC.

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