One Thing At A Time – Morgan Wallen

26 Country

Silverado For Sale – Morgan Wallen

33 Country

Remember When – Alan Jackson

75 Country

Need You Now – Lady Antebellum

34 Country

More Hearts Than Mine – Ingrid

40 Country

In Case You Didnt Know – Brett

40 Country

Does To Me – Luke Combs

53 Country

Crazy Days – The Shires

65 Country

I Hope Youre Happy Now

75 Country

Daddy Calling

48 Country

7 Summers – Morgan Wallen

43 Country

Macarena – Los Del Rio

40 Country

One Margarita – Luke Bryan

74 Country

Country sound

49 Country

Country Farmzy

50 Country

You Proof – Morgan Wallen

166 Country

Actin’ Up – Miranda Lambert

166 Country

Tomorrow Me – Luke Combs

106 Country

Miranda Lambert – Actin’ Up

140 Country

Never Til Now – Ashley Cooke & Brett Young

139 Country

Where We Started – Thomas Rhett & Katy Perry

163 Country

Praise The Lord – Breland Feat. Thomas Rhett

144 Country

Leave You Alone – Kane Brown

130 Country

Last Night Lonely – Jon Pardi

202 Country

Can’t Have Mine – Dylan Scott

174 Country

Rock And Roll Cowboy – Jason Aldean

140 Country

Whiskey Sour – Kane Brown

183 Country

Trouble With A Heartbreak – Jason Aldean

250 Country

Circles Around This Town – Maren Morris

188 Country

I Choose You – Amanda Jordan

193 Country

Memory – Kane Brown, Blackbear

181 Country

I Can Only Imagine

199 Country

Gods Country

193 Country

Golden Girls

251 Country

Holy Water – Brett Eldredge

327 Country

If I Didn’t Love You – Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood

215 Country

One Call Away

202 Country

Beautiful Crazy

200 Country

Hank Ruff – On a Good Night

182 Country

Jeep Girl – Jeremy Rowe

238 Country

Whiskey Me Away – Jason Aldean

170 Country

Forever After All

201 Country

Save Me-Jelly Roll

181 Country

Can’t Do Without Me – Chayce Beckham & Lindsay Ell

321 Country

Jolene – Wendy Moten

191 Country

Tennesse Whiskey

167 Country

Fancy Like

151 Country

Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job – Rich Rowe

403 Country

AA – Walker Hayes

254 Country

More Hearts Than Mine – Girl Named Tom

189 Country


The US’s most popular musical genre is gradually rising to be country music. Why not join the herd given that nearly a quarter of Americans now enjoy country music?

What is Country music?

Generally simple in form and harmony, country music is described as “a style and genre of largely string-accompanied American popular music with roots in the folk music of the Southeast and cowboy music of the West, typically vocalized, and typified by romantic or melancholy ballads accompanied by acoustic or electric guitar, harmonica, banjo, and violin.”

What make Country Music so unique?

A tale is told in a country song, which makes the audience feel empathy.

A catchy chorus may be featured in many country songs, and certain artists are well-known for their twangy singing voices that result from Southern accents.

Country music frequently uses storytelling in its lyrics, which are also frequently about ordinary life, love, and grief. Many songs are written on blue-collar or working-class jobs and associated issues as a result of the musician’s own experiences or those of people they know. Country music has an emotional and intimate quality that appeals to so many listeners.

Why Country music become so popular?

Many people enjoy country music since that is what they grew up listening to. It’s likely that the sound and style of country music will bring back memories if you listened to it as a child.

Anyone may be transported to a simpler period in a much less complicated world by the general vibe of country music. One of the main reasons people enjoy country music is that it provides an escape from daily life, including the tension and problems that will inevitably arise.

There is no doubt that a passion of country music can be handed down from one generation to the next. Additionally, country music may be quite well-liked in some regions of the nation.

Listening to country music may help you reminisce about your childhood if you were raised in the south or the west and now reside in the east. Country music has a way of accomplishing this for a lot of listeners, and many will correlate sound, sight, and even scent with specific memories from earlier years.

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