Bizet – Carmen

27 Classical

Summer Storm – Vivaldy

32 Classical

Humoresque – Antonin Dvorak

25 Classical

The Hebrides – Mendelssohn Felix

30 Classical

The Four Seasons Winter – Vivaldi

27 Classical

The Celebrated Minuet

26 Classical

Violin Taki Taki

52 Classical

Medley Ending – Strauss

27 Classical

Sinfonia – Handel

26 Classical

Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring

30 Classical

The Well Tempered Clavier – Bach

39 Classical

Overture 1 – Bach

38 Classical

The magic flute – Mozart

31 Classical

Air on the G String – Bach

39 Classical

Hungarian Dance no 5 – J Brahms

33 Classical

Black Knight

29 Classical

El Auto Fantastico

72 Classical

Classic Musical Whistle

175 Classical

What do you know about classical music?
Describe classical music. You can probably guess it when you hear it, but the more specific you try to respond to a question, the more elusive the response becomes.

One of the first things you discover when you are first exposed to classical music is that the label “classical” most appropriately refers to music that was created between around 1750 and 1820. That contains Haydn’s and Mozart’s compositions, but merely the majority of Beethoven. Bach and Wagner are excluded from it. Though you’ll hear much of all of those musicians on Classical MPR and other classical music channels, it most definitely excludes Debussy and Copland.

Although it’s not necessary to strain your mind with such subtle differences in order to enjoy classical music on a daily basis, it does assist to know that it is a living tradition that is always being defined and reinvented. Although Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and their contemporaries will always have a special position in the realm of classical music, the lengthy history of what we now consider classical music didn’t start with them and most definitely didn’t finish with them.
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