Sweet Violin

2 Instrumental

Shivers (intrumental)

7 Instrumental

Hello (Instrumental) – Adele

9 Instrumental

Cheri Cheri Lady (Instrumental)

10 Instrumental

I Aint Worried (instrumental)

30 Instrumental

Pretty Savage – Blackpink (Instrumental)

28 Instrumental

I Think I Intro

16 Instrumental

Talk Love (Instrumental)

22 Instrumental

World Best (Instrumental)

13 Instrumental

Left And Right – Jungkook, Charlie (instrumental)

31 Instrumental


24 Instrumental


35 Instrumental

Forbidden Island

33 Instrumental

African Drum Beating

27 Instrumental

Ambient Bongos

31 Instrumental

Windy Old Weather

25 Instrumental


26 Instrumental

SMS Drums

38 Instrumental

General Lee Horn

43 Instrumental

Sun Up Gunned Down

51 Instrumental

Ukelele Accompaniment

39 Instrumental

Fugue in Gee Miner – K MacLeod

58 Instrumental


54 Instrumental

Titanic Flute

70 Instrumental

Relaxation Trimmed

41 Instrumental

Flute Bollywood

38 Instrumental

Senorita Indian Version

111 Instrumental

Til The Day I Go – Kaleb Austin

57 Instrumental

Out Of Time Instrumental

52 Instrumental

New Rules Instrumental

55 Instrumental

No1 Ring

138 Instrumental

Tokyo Ghoul – Piano

152 Instrumental

AOT Piano Music

175 Instrumental

BTS – Permission to Dance (instrumental)

201 Instrumental

Sweet Home Alabama

181 Instrumental

Be Happy

204 Instrumental

River Flows in You – Piano

207 Instrumental

Broken Heart – Piano

203 Instrumental

Cand Te Doare Inima

160 Instrumental

Mori Qik

171 Instrumental


215 Instrumental


It’s very clear that instrumental music has always been beneficial for the spirit. Take our word for it: there are hundreds of instrumental tunes available. Once you start listening to good music, it becomes addicting. You’ll understand there is no turning back.

What is Instrumental music?

Without vocals, a piece of music is commonly referred to as instrumental music. Although instrumental music often focuses on the melodies, solos, and harmony of the instruments, it is possible to employ brief vocal sections, either spoken or sung, as an accompaniment.

With the exception of the song’s primary vocal hooks, instrumental music has no audible words. Depending on the genre and style, instrumental music can be performed and written using a wide variety of instruments. In essence, instrumental music encompasses all genres of music that emphasizes instrument solos and melodies.

Instrumental music helps you focus better

A lot of students find music lyrics to be distracting, especially while they’re enjoying their favorite tunes. Instrumental music could be less distracting in this situation. Instrumentals can range from slow-paced classical to acoustic guitar covers of popular tunes.

Because it doesn’t have words or singers, instrumental music aids with concentration. It is an approach to meditation. You may get into the flow and stay there by listening to more instrumental music, which will help you finish any difficult activity. You will be able to concentrate easily and keep efficiency to complete any creative activity since it will drown out background noise and provide relaxing, soothing effects.

The impact instrumental music has on the psyche is another motivation to listen to it more frequently. Because it enhances cognitive function, facilitates problem-solving and critical thinking, and helps you with sophisticated problem-solving, instrumental music has a favorable impact on the brain. Are you unsure yet? Get your spirit healed by listening to more instrumental music. Feeling rested is the greatest present you can give yourself after a long day.

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