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Leaked – Lil Tjay ft. Lil Wayne Ringtone Lyric:

I got to put my Perc’ in, it’s workin’
Lil’ Mama, say she nervous, yeah, sure bitch
I just want a lil’ mountain, lip service
Treat the pussy like a house, she want insurance
I’ma fuck her good one time, let her unwind
She gon’ tell me where to cum at, I’ma comply
Put my thumb up in her yeah, yeah, she gon’ jump high
I’ma fuck her like a madman, I ain’t even mad, man
She gon’ do a handstand for a standing ovation
She rub my red flag, I call her rosacea
She get the pedi and the manicure, but no facial
Natural beauty, I’ma call your mama, “Mother Nature”
Under the covers, she know Tunechi like the Undertaker
Girl that’s my pussy, she say, “Daddy, that’s an understatement”
I got it leakin’ like a bootleg
She call me Tunechi, when we fuck, she call me Tunechi

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